Witnesses Ask Legislature to Toughen Child Marriage Laws

Mar 19, 2018

 Missouri lawmakers are considering a bill that would end the state's status as being the easiest place in the country for a 15-year-old to be married.

Missouri allows those 15 to 17 to marry with the permission of only one parent, even if the other parent objects. Also, anyone 14 and younger can get married with a judge's approval, The Kansas City Star reported.

aranarth / flickr

The Missouri State Archives is working on a project that could allow people to look up old marriage records online.

Secretary of State Jason Kander says the online database will include more than 3 million Missouri marriage records from the territorial period through 1969.

Those records already are available at county courthouses and on microfilm at the State Archives in Jefferson City. But Kander says this will mark the first time they can be searched through a free state website.