Science, Health and Technology
5:22 pm
Thu June 13, 2013

Leeches sometimes used to treat patients at Mercy Springfield

Credit Sonya Kullman / Mercy Springfield

A large jar sits inside a white refrigerator in the pharmacy at Mercy Springfield.  Inside that jar are what are classified as medical devices by the US Food and Drug Administration:  about 20 medical grade leeches that are kept in case they’re needed, which is usually once or twice a year.

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Science, Health and Technology
5:18 pm
Thu June 13, 2013

Maggots used to treat wounds that won't heal

Credit mcalamelli / Flickr

Liliane Sparks of Hollister has health problems that prevent her from using a hyperbaric chamber to help heal her wounds.  But without the proper treatment of the deep wounds on her feet, she faced amputation.  Her doctor, Bob Dorsey at CoxHealth in Branson, suggested maggot debridement therapy.

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Science, Health and Technology
5:13 pm
Thu May 9, 2013

3D printing could transform medicine [video]

Josh Arnone has a 3D printer on his desk that he uses to print his own inventions. Arnone built the enclosure for the printer himself and actually printed the corner brackets.
Credit Bridgit Bowden / KBIA



Imagine if you could take a digital model of anything and print out the actual physical object.  Thanks to a new technology called 3D printing, you can. This new technology has countless uses, but here in Columbia, several MU researchers are exploring its potential in the medical field.

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6:14 pm
Fri March 29, 2013

Mo. Senate passes "telemedicine" bill

Credit vitualis / Flickr

  The Missouri Senate unanimously approved legislation Thursday that would require insurance companies to cover medical services provided electronically if they cover the same service when it is delivered in person.

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Science, Health and Technology
8:12 am
Mon August 13, 2012

Meningitis vaccination urged for children

Missouri Association of School Nurses logo

The Missouri Association of School Nurses is urging parents to get their children vaccinated against meningitis.

The association is among several health groups across the country urging meningococcal vaccination. A new report says only about half of Missouri's teens are vaccinated against the disease.

Meningitis is rare, but often deadly. It can be spread through common school activities such as sharing water bottles and drinking glasses. Ten percent of those who contract it die, sometimes within a day.

Harvest Public Media
9:46 am
Mon January 30, 2012

Selling doctors on rural communities

File photo KBIA

Recruiting doctors to small towns is a chronic problem. Most places try to lure a physician by rolling out the red carpet with a big salary, a home on a golf course or other cushy perks.

Not so in Ashland, Kan., population 855, where the CEO of a tiny hospital is building a reverse recruitment model based on remote access and problems commonly found in third-world countries.

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