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College Mental Health: Anxiety Surpasses Depression

Jul 17, 2015
Credit: MU Student Health Center

Katarina Schultz began to show symptoms of social anxiety at the age of 11 or 12 and was unable to interact with strangers or order food at a restaurant when eating out.

“I was very hyper aware of what people thought of me,” she said. “I was really worried about embarrassing myself and I was sure that people were judging me all the time and that anything I said was going to be an embarrassment.”

Mo. initiative would let student curators vote

Oct 8, 2013
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College students may turn to the statewide ballot to try to win a greater say in decisions at Missouri's public universities.

A proposed ballot initiative made public Tuesday would give a vote to students who sit on the governing boards of public universities. Those student representatives currently can attend meetings and participate in discussions but don't get to vote on matters.

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The number of Missouri students succeeding on Advanced Placement Tests has doubled in the last decade.

Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education spokesperson Sarah Potter said AP tests saved a great deal of money for students in 2012.

“Potential cost savings for the students and families are more than fifteen million dollars by taking these exams and getting college credit,” Potter said.

Although Missouri is showing improvement among the students who do take the test, the number of students taking the test is low.


The number of Missouri students taking foreign languages is on the rise – with enrollment in foreign language classes doubling over the past 20 years. But the increase isn’t being driven by education policy, finds KBIA’s Chris McDaniel in this report.