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Missouri lobbyists question limits on legislator gifts

Feb 3, 2015
Paul Sableman

  Lobbyists raised questions about a bill on Monday that would limit their ability to give gifts to lawmakers.

Lobbyist Michael Reid asked the House Governmental Accountability Committee how the bill defines the proposed 30 dollar limit.

“But the real question is, is that 30 dollars per day? Is that 30 dollars per year? Is that 30 dollars per client? Is that 30 dollars per lobbyist? Is that 30 dollars per principle? We just want to make sure that that's clear,” Reid said.

401 (K) 2013 / FLICKR

Missouri's most prolific political financier gave nearly $1.3 million to various political causes in the closing weeks of 2013.

Online state campaign finance reports show that retired investment firm executive Rex Sinquefield gave $750,000 to Teachgreat.org, $495,000 to Grow Missouri and $25,000 to Missourians for Excellence in Government during the final weeks of December.