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Sexual Violence Prevention Plan For MU Sororities Set

Jun 18, 2015
Jay Buffington / Wikimedia Commons

The University of Missouri’s Panhellenic Association will implement a new sexual violence prevention plan this fall semester for sororities. It will reach about five thousand college-aged women.

Carolyn Welter, Vice President of public relations for the association, said that educating women can help raise awareness of sexual violence issues happening around them. She said it can also help reduce the number of sexual assaults in the community. 

Columns at University of Missouri
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The University of Missouri is considering changes to its employee policy for reporting suspected sexual violence amid a flurry of attention to the issue prompted by a former school swimmer's suicide.

Tina Bloom
Sinclair School of Nursing

  In 2010 Yeardley Love, a student at the University of Virginia, was killed by her boyfriend. In her honor, the One Love Foundation was created and the foundation funded development and research for One Love MyPlann app. 

Tina Bloom, an assistant professor of Nursing in Sinclair School of Nursing, helped create the app says how women between the ages of 18 to 24 are at the greatest risk for violence in a relationship.