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After years of negotiations, a dozen countries are on the verge of a trade agreement that could be worth billions of dollars to the U.S. agriculture industry. For Missouri soybean producers, that could mean no longer paying tariffs as high as 20 percent in countries like Japan. As Harvest Public Media’s Kristofor Husted reports, many American farmers and ranchers are eager to see the deal inked, but removing tariffs doesn’t come easy.

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Corn farmers in southeast Missouri are expecting high yields — but low profits.

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Republican Sen. Roy Blunt, of Missouri, is threatening to block President Barack Obama's choice for Environmental Protection Agency administrator until plans are resolved for a long-stalled levee project in southeast Missouri.

Government and civic leaders in southeast Missouri believe reducing ozone levels is largely out of their control because the pollutions drifts in from hundreds of miles away.

A committee of the Southeast Missouri Regional Planning and Economic Development Commission met Friday in Perryville to review data from the Environmental Protection Agency. The committee is fighting to keep the region from being designated a "nonattainment area," with pollution readings that routinely exceed EPA standards.

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The Missouri Senate has been shut down by one Senator over which version of legislation for veterans’ homes will be adopted.  Republican Jason Crowell and several allies tied up the Senate for nearly 12 hours Monday and are provoking a showdown with Senate leaders.