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This story is part of True/False Conversations, a series of in-depth interviews with the filmmakers of this year’s True/False Fest.  Find the rest of them here or download the podcast on iTunes.

Since 2004 the annual True False Film Fest has brought world-class documentary films and their creators to Columbia, and the 2015 festival promises to bring more than fifty films to venues across the city.  Stacey Woelfel, Director of the Jonathan B. Murray Center for Documentary Journalism, and an associate professor at the University of Missouri School of Journalism, came in to give us a journalist's preview of True/False 2015.

Strange theories abound following the shootdown of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17. What impact is that having on the people of Russia? Rupert Murdoch makes a bid for Time Warner. What does that mean for the future of corporate media? And Jill Abramson has been making the rounds, speaking with several prominent women journalists, but have they been going easy on her? Missouri School of Journalism professors Mike McKean, Judd Slivka and Stacey Woelfel discuss these issues and more on this edition of Views of the News.

true false film festival

Documentary film has been very prominent in Columbia in the past few weeks. The 11th True/False Film Festival ended Sunday, and a new documentary film program was recently added to the Missouri School of Journalism. This edition focuses on documentary film and its presence in education and students’ lives.

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  KOMU-TV News Director Stacey Woelfel has been named as the first director of the new Jonathan Murray Documentary Journalism Center at the Missouri School of Journalism.

Dean Mills, dean of the Missouri School of Journalism, announced Tuesday that Woelfel will begin his new position at the Murray Center in September.

Woelfel said he sees his responsibility as injecting the hands-on Missouri Method into the new documentary program.


  Media criticism and critique from Missouri School of Journalism professors Mike McKean, Stacey Woelfel and Marty Steffens.

  Media criticism and critique from the Missouri School of Journalism's Mike McKean, Stacey Woelfel and Esther Thorson